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AW30 Recap


This year's Alumni Weekend has come and gone. We hope everyone that attended had a great time.

We wanted to provide some Highlights of the weekend:

- Brothers Attended: 144

- Donations Raised: $30,490 (An additional $27,960 pledged in future donations)

- Undergrad News:

- We won grand chapter for 2020

- We were awarded the Lasting Legacy award by Fraternity & Sorority Life

For those that were unable to attend and would like to make a donation (either $5+/month or a 1-time donation) you can do so on our new website (Link Here). We suggest $25 a month ($300 a year), but give what you feel comfortable with.

As we look to future Alumni Weekends, we'd like some help to make them even better. Planning for the following year's AW will begin in June.

If anyone would like to provide feedback or be part of the planning, we're going to have a committee that will discuss how to improve the weekend. A lot of this can be done when you have time and we’d work to accommodate everyone’s schedule for any meetings that take place.

In this way, we can be better prepared to ensure the weekend is a success.

Also, we'd like to change up the programming of the weekend to include some professional development. What this looks like and how it can be carried out will be determined from the committee we'll have in place.

If you'd like to participate, let us know. You can reach out to James Kase directly at

Appreciate you all.

Have a great summer!


(James Kase - RTC President) P.S. Special Note Regarding Pig Roast: - After speaking with Joe Argento and the management at the Shriners lodge they were able to determine the cause for the unpleasant smell on Saturday was caused by rancid grease left in the oven we used with the pork by another caterer a few days before we were there. They didn't clean up after themselves and unfortunately the grease got into and onto our pork trays and caused the smell. Joe has personally extended his apologies to the chapter and has offered to speak with anyone who would like more information from him. Joe's cell is (585) 727-1543 if you'd like to contact him

A Special Message From Jim Harmon:

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